School Requirements

Schools interested in starting a CHSA Chapter must fulfill several requirements annually. These requirements include selecting and maintaining a local review board, submitting annual forms, completing annual dues, organizing various service projects/outreaches to the community, and holding a CHSA Induction Ceremony. All annual forms and annual dues may be completed online or sent directly to the ORUEF offices.

Local Review Board Requirements

Each Christian school will select and maintain a local review board and faculty advisor for the purpose of selecting honor student participants, approval of the (optional) theme project, quality assurance (i.e. grade point average or special circumstances), and any other issues that may occur in the operation of the CHSA program.

The CHSA Review Board should consist of a faculty sponsor (who will chair the Board); at least two other faculty members; the School Administrator (or his/her representative); the Pastor (or his/her representative), if applicable; and the School Guidance Counselor, if applicable.

Annual Forms

Each year, CHSA chapters are required to complete and submit annual forms along with annual dues. These forms include an annual report, a student verification form (for each student), and a roster of the student participants. The forms may be completed online (soon), or they may be printed and mailed/emailed to the ORUEF offices.

Annual Dues

The annual dues may be paid online by clicking here (soon). The fee schedule is as follows:

ORUEF Annual School Membership Dues must be current.
Christian Honor Student Association (CHSA) Annual Dues – $75.00
Individual Student Fees – $15.00 per student annually

Service Projects and Outreaches

Though ORUEF/CHSA Theme Project Competition participation is optional, each ORUEF/CHSA chapter is encouraged to participate in the annual ORUEF/CHSA Theme Project Competition. Each local ORUEF Christian Honor Student Association may select a theme project upon which the group will concentrate its efforts for the year. It should reflect the interests, abilities, and talents of the group and be of Christian service to the school, church, community, or special organization. We are encouraged in scripture to be “doers of the Word, and not hearers only,” and in this sense an honor society should desire to find avenues of service that demonstrates its Christianity in action.

Schools that choose to participate in the Theme Project Competition will be required to submit a Theme Project Planning Form and a Theme Project Final Report of their CHSA program’s Theme Project for the year to ORUEF.

For more information regarding Theme Projects and previous chapter winners, please click on the “Theme Project” icon on the left hand side of the screen.

Induction Ceremony

It is recommended that the Induction Ceremony be held during a time when parents, family, friends, school staff, students, the pastor, and perhaps church members are available to attend. Recommendations would include a special in-school service or an evening program. The ceremony need not be lengthy, but should be an observance with significance and conducted with formality.

Student Requirements

Eligible students will be selected from the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades following approved information obtained from their yearly grades. Faculty members will submit lists of potential candidates to their local CHSA Review Board for consideration.

The local CHSA Review Board will then submit a list of candidates, based on the CHSA Student Criteria, to the faculty on a confidential basis for final consideration. Candidates who are approved in this final step will be duly inducted into the Christian Honor Student Association at their local school.

Students will be selected and voted on by the CHSA Review Board and school faculty. Students may then be inducted during an induction ceremony that the school may hold the first and/or second semester.

Transfer students and new students entering the school at the first or the middle of the year may be considered eligible at the end of the first full semester they are enrolled.

Students transferring from other Christian ORUEF member schools where they were members in the ORUEF Christian Honor Student Association program may, at the discretion of the CHSA Review Board, be automatically eligible for their CHSA program.

CHSA Student Criteria

Potential candidates for the Christian Honor Student Association will be selected on the basis of four criteria:

  • Character
    • Seeks to demonstrate Christ-like behavior in thought, word, and deed.
    • Seeks to stand for righteousness, even when such a stand may be unpopular.
    • Evidences spiritual growth in the areas of the fruit of the Spirit. (Gal. 5:22)
    • Upholds principles of morality and ethics.
    • Shows courtesy.
    • Takes advice willingly and accepts recommendations graciously.
    • Maintains a high sense of personal honor in the academic environment as it pertains to honesty in exams, tests, assignments, and projects.
    • Observes instructions and rules in the proper attitude and spirit, and willingly complies with regulations regarding dress code and behavior at school.
    • Shows a love of learning and diligence in studies.
    • Has a heartfelt desire to participate in spreading the Gospel as stated in the Great Commission.
  • Leadership
    • Demonstrates leadership abilities in the classroom, at work, at home, and in school activities.
    • Is thoroughly dependable in any assigned responsibility.
    • Is resourceful in proposing solutions to problems, making suggestions, and applying principles in new situations.
    • Contributes ideas that improve the spiritual and social climate of the school.
    • Inspires positive behavior in others and exercises influence on peers in upholding school ideals.
    • Demonstrates academic initiative.
    • Displays spiritual and emotional maturity.
    • Is able to delegate responsibility.
    • Is able to set goals and use methods to effectively accomplish them.
    • Displays compassion for others and has a “servant’s heart.”
  • Scholarship
    • Maintains a grade point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
      Seeks to work to his/her potential in all subjects or courses of study.
    • Is prompt with homework and class assignments.
    • Contributes to class discussion and seeks new insights into the subject matter.
    • Is seeking the Lord’s direction as it may apply to advanced schooling.
    • Spends leisure time pursuing individual interests in the academics (i.e. reading, hobbies involving science or math, tutoring).
  • Service
    • Has a willingness to witness and be the best possible representative for Jesus Christ.
    • Works well with others and is willing to take on responsibilities, even when difficult or unnoticed.
    • Is able to recognize the needs of others and to respond in the spirit of compassion and humility.
    • Renders service or assistance with a positive attitude.
    • Is realistic in the organization of his/her time, provides well-organized assistance, and is dependable and prompt.
    • Displays courtesy in the assistance of visitors, parents, teachers, and other students.
    • Has a sacrificing heart, yet sees even the smallest duty as service to the Lord Jesus Christ.
    • Does not neglect responsibilities to the home, school, or church in performance of volunteer work.

CHSA Student Disqualification

A student may be disqualified and removed from the local and national ORUEF Christian Honor Student Association should he/she conduct himself/herself in a way that misrepresents or brings damage to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Christian Honor Student Association, the school, or the church. Additional grounds for disqualification would be if the student’s GPA slips below the required 3.5 average for more than two quarters.

Chapter Checklist

This checklist is intended to help guide a new (or returning) ORUEF school in starting a CHSA Chapter. The list below clearly states the annual requirements in a quick reference guide. For a printable copy of this checklist, please click the link below.

  • Select and maintain local review board (please hyperlink to the first “School Requirements page)
  • Complete and submit annual forms
  • Annual Report (Form A)
  • Student Verification Form (one per student) (Form C) • Roster of Students Participants (Form D)
  • Submit Annual dues
  • Induction Ceremony (optional) (please hyperlink to “A Successful Chapter” page)
  • Theme Project (optional)