Workshop A

Dr. Jared Johnston – Chair of Undergraduate Education @ Oral Roberts University

Professor Brittany Grove – Partnership Coordinator @ Oral Roberts University

How to Recruit 1st Year Teachers to Your School

Christian schools all over the country are in need of teachers that they can mold and train. First year teachers can meet this need and become valuable assets for years to come. However, they are often difficult to access and recruit. In this session, the ORU chair for Undergraduate Education and the Partnership Coordinator will explain how schools can access and recruit young quality candidates to your school.

Cas Castillo – Administrator @ River City Christian School

Spanish Session


Claves para alcanzar el éxito con alumnos que aprenden diferente


Michael Riggs – Founder of Perfect Praise

Maximizing Academics Through the Power of Music

Engagement with music is the number one enhancer of academics. What better place to study music than in school. We have taught music using our non-traditional curriculum since 1998 and have seen amazing benefits with young children to adolescents, academically. Grades soar. Students perform well above their expected level per grade. Listening skills, vocal and communication skills and performing skills and confidence levels are vastly improved. We will discuss why this tool is so effective. We will share the 4 levels of Music Participation that improves brain function and raise academics. Testimonials will be provided.

Dr. Pat Otto – Grad. Chair @ Oral Roberts University

From Dobson to Wong: Classroom Management- An Overview of Best Practice

What is the greatest need for teachers today? Better curriculum, more content, more free time? The greatest need for most is a refresher in classroom management. We will cover the leading theorists. However, the main focus will be on the “How To’s” of managing the class and teaching the lesson.


Linda Steed – Senior Director of National and Global Advancement @ Little Light House

Identifying the Child with Special Needs in Your Classroom 

There are children with “special need” in every classroom. Often these children’s behavior and motivation are miss understood. In this workshop we will talk about the most common diagnoses that result in developmental delays and learning challenges. Some simple and practical adaptations that will decrease distractions in your classroom will also be addressed. This workshop will feed into “Reaching Every Student: Adapting the Classroom for All Needs, presented by Hannah Jimenez from the Little Light House.


Dr. Darla Otto – Development Director @ Wesleyan Christian School

Marketing – It is NOT about your school

Your school is a business and can’t survive without marketing. But where do you start? What works for Christian Schools? Who is your audience? What needs to be communicated? What are cost effective methods that work? What are common mistakes to avoid? This workshop provides practical, cost effective, proven methods to promote your school.


Dr. Mary Lou Miller – Professor at College of Education @ Oral Roberts University

Dr. Gwetheldene Holzmann – Associate Professor at College of Education @ Oral Roberts University

Why do I need this?

This hands-on accreditation workshop examines sample evidence for the Resource Capacity Domain. It will connect evidence to specific standards and discuss how to incorporate the evidence into your self-study report.


Robert Akers – Head of School @ Covenant Christian School

The life-Giving Classroom: Creating a Culture that Works

The first and greatest challenge of the classroom teacher is creating a learning culture in which students can thrive and the educator can find fulfillment and avoid the dangers of burnout. This session will help teachers find their authentic voice in the classroom and develop the tools of the enduring teacher.


Tiyi Smith – Renaissance Learning Inc.

Guide Growth for Every Student with Star 360

Guide more growth for every student using the most comprehensive K-12 interim and formative assessment suite available, Renaissance Star 360.  Providing universal screening, progress monitoring, goal-setting data, and instructional resources to move every student forward.


Workshop B

Dr. Jared Johnston – Chair of Undergraduate Education @ Oral Roberts University

Beyond Biblical Integration

In this session, participants will learn how to effectively integrate their academic content with Biblical truth. Participants will learn the importance of establishing student outcomes that reflect Biblical integration principles and how those outcomes should guide a school’s effort to produce students who exhibit an effective Biblical worldview.


Robert Enlow – Ed Choice

Addressing ESA Implementation Challenges

This workshop is an opportunity for private or accredited nonpublic schools, or those entering the space, to discuss and learn about the implantation of education savings accounts and private school choice programs. Robert Enlow will gather with leaders and educators of schools to discuss the variety of choice programs operating throughout the United states, celebrate the growing number of programs continuing to be passed by states and provide guidance to administration as programs continuing to be passed by states, and provide guidance to administration as programs are implemented. Enlow will review what lessons have been learned, what concerns have been raised from other school leaders, and best practices for implementing education savings account programs. Open discussion and questions will be welcomed.


Dr. Katie Lentz – Director of Human Resources, Risk Management & Title IX @ Oral Roberts University

Professional Wellness: Management 101

Do you know how to give constructive feedback to your peers, team, boss, or subordinates? Do you know how to receive feedback, without being defensive? Do you know how to have an organized and productive day? Do you know how to create an atmosphere of motivation for your team? This workshop will teach on three of the fundamentals of management- feedback, time management, and motivation.


Dr. Pat Otto– Grad. Chair @ Oral Roberts University

Promoting Clarity of Thought (Spanish Translation provided)

Effective teaching builds on the teacher’s understanding of the cognition process, the intricacies of physiological systems and the complications of school life. The “Highly Qualified Teacher” must be able to apply this understanding to the class as well as find ways to address the individual learning styles and learning needs for each student.


Dr. Darla Otto – Development Director @ Wesleyan Christian School

Where is the Money?

We know that tuition is not enough to meet the annual budget. So where is the rest of the money? This workshop discusses how to position your school to raise the funds needed to meet your annual budget, periodic major needs, and long- term sustainability requirements. An overview of a capital campaign will be discussed.


Dr. Mary Lou Miller – Professor at College of Education @ Oral Roberts University

Dr. Gwetheldene Holzmann – Associate Professor at College of Education @ Oral Roberts

Connecting the Dots

This ands-on interactive accreditation workshop examines sample evidence for the Learning Capacity Domain. It will connect evidence to specific standards and discuss how to incorporate the evidence into your self-study report.


Hannah Jimenez – Special Education Teacher @ Little Light House

Reaching Every Student: Adapting the Classroom for All Needs

Do you ever feel like you’re at your wits end trying to meet the needs of every child in your classroom? From behaviors to learning disabilities, teachers are expected to handle it all. In this workshop, you’ll learn simple and effective strategies to incorporate in our classroom that will benefit all learner! Topics will include interventions and equipment as well as behavioral supports. These strategies used at Little Light House will improve student engagement and enhance learning experiences for all!


Robert Akers – Head of School @ Covenant Christian School

New Issues in Strategic Planning for Christian Schools

Rapidly changing dynamics in culture and economy make it necessary for Christian schools to reevaluate the school improvement process.


Ryan Rose – RightNow Media

Family Discipleship and Professional Development with RightNow Media

Explore how 1000+ Christian schools are engaging students, equipping families, and resourcing teachers with the world’s largest, streaming library of Biblical video resources.


 Workshop C

Gail Marten – Principal @ resurrection Christian School Online

Online Learning is Here to Stay

Hear from an online principal overseeing virtual learning for over 17 years. Educators thrown into online teaching during the pandemic may not have the best snapshot of online learning. This session covers pros and cons, do’s and don’ts, and the BIG picture of students and teachers in a virtual world.


Richard Eley – Founder/President @ Center for Everyday Leadership

Unleashing the Leader Within: Mastering the 24/7 Leadership Course

The 24/7 Leadership Course equips students with essential leadership skills that can positively impact their mental health, academic performance, relationships, and overall well-being. By empowering students to become confident, resilient, and empathetic leaders, the course helps them navigate these common challenges with strength and purpose.


Dr. Amanda Wilson – Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education @ Oral Roberts University

Dr. Sarah Ramsey – Professor @ Oral Roberts University

Nonfiction Necessities: How to Engage Young Learners with Nonfiction

Learn more about engaging early literacy learners with nonfiction and informational texts through read-alouds, conversation, movement, and play. In this presentation, we will discuss the unique features to look when choosing nonfiction materials. In addition, we will include modeled read-alouds and hands-on activities such as book boxes, story bits, floorbooks, and more!  You are guaranteed to leave with a new idea for literacy that can be implemented next week in your classroom and a host of new literature ideas!


Dr. Charlene Martin – Senior Professor in Literacy @ Oral Roberts University

Ms. Makenzie Hollingsworth – 3rd Grade Teacher @ Lincoln School

Learning in the Anointed Zone: Planning for Authentic Biblical Integration in the 3rd Grade Classroom

Learn how to design a purposeful biblical foundation for all curriculum taught. See how concepts, standards and scripture are combined to create a bedrock for transforming learner perspectives and deepening learning. Examples and classroom vignettes will be provided.


Kim Lutherbeck – K-4 Teacher, Victory Christian School

The Power of Praise & Persistency

Praise and Persistency are vital to the preschool classroom. Let’s discover the importance of praise, prayer, persistency, and best practice in the preschool classroom.


Dr. Kim Boyd – Dean and Assistant to the Provost @ Oral Roberts University

Effective Teaching and Learning Framework – Part 1

This workshop will engage participants in the following: Discuss the characteristics of effective teaching; Introduce the ORU Teaching Effectiveness Framework as a tool for integrating Holy Spirit Empowered Teaching and Learning; and Engage in Self-Assessment activity to identify strengths and growth opportunities in your teaching.


Dr. Julio Orozco – Administrator @ Colegio Cristiano Semilla de Vida

Spanish Session

Enfasis Misional de las Escuelas Cristianas en Tiempos Posmodernos

Los Centros educativos Cristianos deberían enfocarse en alcanzar la meta más importante: cumplir con la gran comisión. Este taller ofrece una amplia mirada hacia las diferentes  áreas en las que los institutos Cristianos se deberían de concentrar para dar en el blanco.


Dr. Libby Adjei – Assistant Professor at College of Education @ Oral Roberts University

Grant Writing 101

Grant Writing 101 will provide information on how you can start the grant writing journey. This workshop is a practical guide to tackling grants even if you have yet to gain experience. Plus, the content in the workshop may assist experienced grant writers in enhancing their skill sets. I will also provide resources


Katie Hesser –Advantage Program Manager @ Oral Roberts University

Christian Dual Enrollment – Why and How? 

This workshop will provide educators and administrators with an understanding of WHY offering Christian Dual Enrollment courses is a beneficial, significant, and impactful way to supplement their current high school curriculum. We’ll then discuss HOW to implement these courses into your students’ semester schedules, utilizing ORU’s Advantage Program.


Workshop D

Dr. Kim Boyd – Dean and Assistant to the Provost @ Oral Roberts University

Effective Teaching and Learning Framework – Part 2

This workshop will be a continuation of the Effective Teaching and Learning workshop. Participants will engage in a deeper dive into the resources available to involve educators in a profession-long continued growth model for effective teaching. We will examine three of the nine Teaching Excellence Domains: Instructional Strategies; Feedback and Assessment, and Student-Focused Pedagogy.


Dr. Charlene Martin – Senior Professor in Literacy @ Oral Roberts University

Ms. Makenzie Hollingsworth – 3rd Grade Teacher @ Lincoln School

Learning in the Anointed Zone: A Closer Look in the Classroom

Learn how one teacher designed an authentic, conceptually integrated unit for intentionally knowing God and believing His promises. See how this practical unit expanded students’ understanding of God and His principles. Examples and student testimonials will be provided.


Dennis Demuth

Pitfalls to Avoid to Ensure a Successful Tenure

This workshop is designed for those who are (or hoping to be) in Christian School administration – Unit Leaders, Department Heads, and Administers. The content is based on over fifty years of experience in school administration- Lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid.


Yair Herrera Fernandez – Administrator @ Colegio Boston Internacional

Spanish Session



Dr. Janet George – Assistant Professor @ Oral Roberts University

Connecting the Dots: Ensuring Christ-centered Content

Although “all truth is God’s truth,” many teachers often struggle to link what they teach in the classroom with a corresponding Biblical truth. In this workshop session, we will discuss how you can connect any subject you are teaching with the principles found in the Word of God. We will also look at how you can motivate your students to draw similar connections and examine any situation or experience from a Christian perspective.


David Wagner – Partner and CFO @ Schnake Turnbo Frank

Crisis Communication – Is Your School Prepared?

What does Crisis Communication in your Christian School look like, and are you prepared for it?  In short, it is the communication process used to respond to a threat to your school’s safety and / or reputation. The crisis plan is used when there has been a major event. In this workshop we will discuss and explore the 3 Points to Crisis Planning for your school.


Cas Castillo – Administrator @ River City Christian School

What’s Wrong With You?

Keys to achieve success with students who learn differently.


Jamie Weathers & Lynnette Lewis – COO & CEO of MyWhy Life

Teachers Don’t Need Another Pizza Party – How to Gain Retention and Invest in Your Greatest Asset

Teachers invest in students every day. Who is investing in teachers? Over 50% of the workforce are looking to quit their jobs, citing dissatisfaction. Education is one of the top industries most impacted by the Great Resignation. It is not about moving to a new school or a new role, it is about finding your purpose right now, right where you are, and making your job work for you – TODAY. With thousands of success stores, MYWHY has helped bring about cultural change, fresh perspective, and motivation to keep employees and employers engage at work and loving their profession every single day.


Kim Van Vlear – DeepRoots Bible

From Hearers to Doers: Active Bible Study for Students

Sit in your student’s seat in this dynamic hands-on workshop. Through DeepRoots Bible curriculum, students learn methods of actively studying the Bible- leading them to true lifelong transformation. See through the eyes of a DeepRoots student as you use the inductive Bible study method to thoroughly annotate a verse, examine its context, and apply it to your own life. Then bring these skills home and equip your students to be hearers, examiners, and doers of the Word in any stage of their lives.