The purpose of ORUEF

The purpose of ORUEF is to strengthen and encourage Christian schools and Christian educators throughout the word. We do that by providing a variety of general and customized services.  Christian schools and educators receive many benefits and services through their membership in ORUEF, including:

  • School accreditation through the International Christian Accrediting Association (ICAA). ICAA accreditation is widely recognized and accepted as a valid indicator of school quality, providing tremendous benefits and opportunities that a non-accredited school would not have.
  • 5% (2% for international schools) discount for Bob Jones University Press curriculum (Discount may be as high as 10% during promotional time periods).
  • Participation in McGraw-Hill Education CTB achievement testing program, using CTB’s TerraNova battery of achievement and academic ability tests.
  • Legal and Legislative Update newsletter 3 times annually.
  • Regional and International Christian school educator conferences.
  • School-specific on-site professional development provided by professors from the ORU College of Education on an expense-only basis.
  • Additional consulting services for schools as requested.
  • Availability of graduate level courses to member schools’ faculty and staff at no charge if not taken for credit (Courses taken may be converted later to for-credit courses if the student desires).
  • Priority consideration of member school faculty and staff for scholarships of up to 50% for graduate level (both Master’s and Doctoral) courses taken for credit from ORU College of Education Classes for Master’s degree programs from the ORU College of Education may be taken online.  Many Doctoral degree program classes may be taken online as well.
  • Awards of Excellence – annual Teacher of the Year and Administrator of the Year awards.
  • Christian Student Honor Association membership.
  • Networking and missions opportunities.
  • Career listings – Member schools can post open positions on the website and administrators/teachers can post their resumes or search for an open position on the ORUEF website.