2448 E. 81st Street
Suite 600
Tulsa, OK 74137

Invoice Number INV-1047
Order Number 1663531687
Invoice Date September 18, 2022
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Ivy League Christian Academy

4413 Wishart Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 State Fee


1 ORUef Membership Fee

Preschool - Up to 12th Grade, 1-175 Students

1 ICAA Annual Accreditation Fee

All Status Levels

1 VCPE Annual School Fee

Reimbursement to ICAA for the Annual School Fee billed by VCPE for Ivy League Christian Academy. VCPE bills an association annual fee to ICAA and an additional annual fee to each individual school due by August 1 that ICAA is required to collect and pay. ICAA paid both ICAA associational fee and each school's annual fee in August.

Sub Total $2,840.00
PayPal/Credit Card Fee $0.00
Paid -$2,840.00
Total Due $0.00

Payments by Check
-To pay by check, please make all checks payable to ICAA (any check made payable to ORUEF cannot be accepted or processed).
-Please mail checks to the ORUEF/ICAA office:
2448 E. 81st Street
Suite 600
Tulsa, OK 74137
-One check may be made for both ORUEF and ICAA payments